Tescione siegt beim NitroPark Race

Während in Deutschland die Temperaturen um den Nullpunkt liegen und eher in der Halle, wie beim OWL Messecup bei den 1/8er gefahren wird, ging am Wochenende das NitroPark Race in Italien bei etwas angenehmeren Temperaturen zu Ende. Davon berichtet Giuseppe Tescione.

Giuseppe Tescione

I took part at the race organised by NitroPark Pietrasanta, Italy! Saturday was free practice day and we focused straight away on the setup of the car and tyre choice. By the end of the day we found a very good combo, feeling confident for the race on Sunday. The next day we had 3 rounds qualifying where I finished 3rd overall. In the A final we took the lead from the 2nd lap and we held it until the end, winning the race. My Xray XB8 was absolutely amazing to drive, allowing me to do only one mistake in the whole final, and being really fast! 

Also well done to Michelucci Christian for finishing 2nd with his XB8


  1. Tescione Giuseppe – XRAY XB8
  2. Michelucci Christian – XRAY XB8
  3. Gabrielli Dario – Mugen


Quelle: teamxray