Xray präsentiert den neuen Formel X1`24

Was hat der X1`24 von Xray neu bekommen? Dafür gibt es einen Überblick und eine Präsentation der neuen Teile und Features bei Xray zu sehen.

Features – Englisch

  • Revised chassis layout with new side braces for additional flex control
  • Forward servo mounting position increases space for electronics and improves weight balance
  • New front bulkhead raises the graphite arm mount plate and provides more clearance for steering links and a larger range of bump steer adjustments
  • Updated rear pod plate improves durability with additional material around the alu pod plate pivot holder mount
  • Graphite rear pod plate integrates with new bulkheads and improves tweak resistance in hard crashes
  • Lightweight and lower CG bulkheads feature 2 centering pins instead of one for more consistent alignment and tweak resistance
  • Smaller and lighter eccentric ride height bushings provide finer adjustment steps and better adjustability
  • Alu pod plate pivot holder matches the updated rear pod plate to improve durability in serious crashes
  • Rear graphite bulkhead brace offers easier mounting of 30/40mm cooling fans
  • Graphite rear upper plate uses 2 alignment holes for the bulkhead centering pins to eliminate tweak issues in serious crashes
  • New battery mounting system with a revised graphite rear brace and front battery stop create easier battery installation and positioning
  • Stronger graphite rear brace with strengthened wing mounts improves durability in serious crashes
  • Additional forward position on the graphite side braces eliminate chassis flex to improve handling when using foam tires
  • Graphite arm side braces connect the front lower arms with the chassis side braces reducing chassis flex even further for high traction conditions, especially with foam tires
  • The included gear diff became the most popular axle configuration for most track conditions and tire types, improving car handling out of the box
  • Graphite rear wing mount with additional high mounting positions improves traction and stability of the car for rubber tires, while the extra low positions improve steering and rotation of the car for foam tires and meet the EFRA wing height rule
  • Graphite top decks for improved chassis flex alternatives for different track conditions and to adapt to rubber and foam tires
  • Alu steering arm bearing shim eliminates radial play of the steering arm for more precise control

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Quelle: Team Xray