Neu von SWORKz ist der S35-4E EVO Buggy

Gestern gab es die aktuelle Nitro 1/8 Buggyversion des S35-4 EVO zu sehen und nun gibt es die Präsentation der Elektroversion. Diese seht ihr hier.

Englische Version

The S35-4e EVO is the design evolution from S35-4E Euros Champion.
Continue the successful SWORKz S35-4E 1/8 Electric Buggy platform, the new S35-4e EVO is designed for more higher level racing product.
The new geometry from European Champion Edition conversion kit provides optimized corner speed compared with more easy handling and maximum traction.
The S35-4e EVO features a T7075 hard anodized and lightened aluminum chassis with a new short wheel base design, that was tested for a long time by our factory pilots to guarantee the best speed balance for both front and rear suspensions.
The standard HET differentials are included and provide High Density Motor Pinion Gear system for options.
The new S35-4e EVO comes a brand new steering Lay-Down Type Steering Bellcrank servo savor system. With this new Ackerman design gives the driver the feeling of total control over the S35-4e EVO.

The SWORKz S35-4e EVO standard includes the Arched-Bridge-System and the higher capacity shock system. This is a big step for S35-4e EVO, the design made the car go faster and be more stable.
In the kit we include a special BBS piston and oil seal parts that the worlds team drivers tested during the race. They are made by a high Precision Plastic mold machine.
Also included are specially made durable material parts for the suspension like inserts which our team drivers used and felt immediately more confident.
The center chassis lay out is the brand new design for S35-4e EVO. Its provides 2 ways battery set up. Standard 2S peck batteries (or 2S shorty) can be used in saddle position for lower center of gravity. And one unit 4S standard peck(or shorty) also can be fit in side position.
There many more small changes and smart ideas in your new SWORKz S35-4e EVO, it’s the evolution result which works by whole team that make the car being a real winner.
The secret of a modern racing car is the possibility to adapt the setup to every track for top pilots but also have a standard setup that works on most tracks for hobby pilots. And your SWORKz S35-4e EVO is having these two characteristics in perfection.

S35-4e EVO Kit Features
“ T7075 Hard Anodized, Lightend Aluminium Chassis (New)
“ Short Chassis Design (New)
“ Higher Shock Towers (New)
“ Longer Shock Bodies (New)
“ Shorter Shock Shafts
“ S35 Series BBS System Hex-Cell Shock (New)
“ Shorter Front Shock Springs
“ SWORKz 1/8 BBS Precision Plastic Shock Piston (New)
“ Fixed Shock Spring Holder
“ 3mm Updated Rear Shock Studs
“ Ackerman Plate (New)
“ Steering System (New)
“ Servo Saver Aluminium Part (New)
“ Servo Saver Plate (New)
“ Servo Saver Post Locking Design (New)
“ Steering Ball Studs (New)
“ Steering Knuckle Plates (New)
“ Updated Toe In Plates with Square Inserts (New)
“ Aluminum Intensity F/F and R/F Narrow Lower Suspension Plate (New)
“ Brand New Center Chassis Lay Out Design (New)
“ Easy Change Motor Mounting Plate (New)
“ Brand New Steering Servo Holder (New)
“ Brand New Radio ESC Case Design (New)
“ Brand New Battery Case (New)
“ Lightweight Wing Mount
“ SWORKz S35-4 Series Arched-Bridge-System Rear Lower Arm Set (New)
“ Composite Rear Hubs with Carbon Plates
“ Multi Adjustable Ball System for Rear Upper Arms
“ Anticlock Screws for Shocks
“ Aerodinamically Optimized Body Shell
“ 3 HET Differentials Included
“ Black Competition Shock Springs Included
“ Adjustable Wing Position
“ Adjustable Wing Angle
“ More Balance Weight Positions
“ Stronger Downstop Area
“ Optimized Composite Material

Length? 510mm
Width? 308mm
Height? 220mm
Ground Clearance? 65mm
Wheelbase? 325-330mm
Track? F:304mm /R306mm
Gear Ratio: C:46/15T, F/R 43/13T
Weight? 3680g (Race condition)

Item No. SW910042
Item Name: SWORKz S35-4e EVO 1/8 BrushLess Power Pro Buggy Kit
Street Price: € 719.00


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