Coming soon – EXECUTE XQ11 1/10 COMPETITION

Endlich kommt ein Nachfolger von Xpress RC bei den Elektro 1/10 Tourenwagen. Dieser beinhaltet die neusten Innovationen bei diesen Fahrzeugen. Weiterhin handelt es sich um ein Mittelmotor-Konzept.

Der Execute XQ11 ist ein Bausatz, welcher noch zusammengebaut werden muss. Es fehlen u.a. Reifen, Felgen, Karosserie, Servo, Elektronik und Akkus.

Seht selbst, wie das neue Fahrzeug aussieht.

Englische Version:

  • Adjustable top deck flex with inserts

  • Reinforced top and bottom suspension arms with easy camber adjustment

  • X-Rings included in the shocks and differential for smoother operation, made from a new material which better deals with expansion due to silicone oil and heat.

  • Redesigned steering rack for a more linear and smooth steering reaction with quick ackermann adjustment

  • Built in belt tensioners in the motor mount for both the front and rear belt

  • Low profile lightweight bumper

  • Split bulkheads aimed for a wider setup window

  • Bearing Supported low mounted Anti-roll bars for smooth and direct suspension operation

  • Multitude of top deck options and flex adjustments

  • Easy Caster adjustment through adding and removing shims

  • Shim adjusted camberlink length for minute adjustments

  • Redesigned hex mounting for cornering stability

  • Floating electronics tray providing reduces interference with chassis flex

  • Low profile upper bulkheads for a lower center of gravity

  • 4.0mm Driveshaft protectors giving better drivetrain durability

  • Special coated ball studs ensures smooth suspension movement

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