Iris ONE Aluminium Spool and Differential Outdrives

Ruddog Distribution präsentiert für die aktuellen Versionen des IRIS eine Starrachse aus Aluminium und spezielle Outdrives, die aus hartbeschichtetem Aluminium bestehen.

Englische Version

These hard-coated aluminium differential and spool outdrives for the Iris ONE.05 and ONE.05 FWD cars have been developed for the 17.5T and 21.5T stock class. They provide a weight advantage of around 3 grams per pair compared to the steel parts and so improve the performance of your Iris ONE.


  • Ideal for stock class racing
  • Hard-coated for added resilience
  • Suitable for Iris ONE, ONE.05 and ONE.05 FWD models
  • Weight benefit of about 3g compared to standard steel outdrives


IRIS-75012 Iris ONE Aluminium Differential Outdrive (2pcs)

IRIS-75013 Iris ONE Aluminium Spool Outdrive (2pcs)


Quelle: Ruddog