Neues für die Losi Promoto

Die RPM -Crash -Struktur (Kühler) für das LOSI -Promoto ist da, um diese lästigen „Bruchprobleme“ zu lösen. Dies wird mit dem neuen RPM Teil verstärkt.  Dies ersetzt das Losi #LOS261010 Teil.

Englische Version

The RPM Crash Structure (Radiator) for the Losi Promoto is here to solve those pesky breakage issues. We strengthened the most common stock break point by adding mock louvers the full length of the “radiator”. These louvers are actually strengthening ribs that look like angled fins used to deflect rocks from hitting the radiator on full-sized dirt bikes. By adding that extra scale touch, we increased the strength of our version significantly. But strength doesn’t have to be ugly. Our new mock radiator / crash structure increases the cool factor too!

Our Crash Structure is molded in either black or dyeable white. That’s right, you can now dye our dyeable version any color you want using hot water and fabric dye. Your favorite color is now available with just a few minutes of your time. In a hurry? The base white looks amazing and black is always an excellent option!

The RPM Crash Structure (Radiator) for the Losi Promoto is backed by our limited lifetime breakage warranty. For strength you can count on and durability that lasts, look no further than RPM!

Tech Notes: RPM Crash Structure (Radiator) for the Losi Promoto replaces the radiator portion of stock Losi #LOS261010. Reuse of stock mounting hardware is required for installation. Replaces the mock radiator only.

Quelle: RPM und Hoega