MST präsentierte mit dem MRX GT V1.5 einen RWD, der speziell für Drift – Racing gemacht wurde. Seht selbst, was das Fahrzeug bietet.

Englische Version
Upgrade Items for V1.5 version
-The Quick-change differential system uses 19T/21T steel gears.
-The plastic gears are now crafted from a more robust and impact-resistant material, ensuring heightened durability.
-The bevel gear differential uses the 210287 Reinforced gear diff.
The factory default setting of the MRX Aggressive Mode involves placing the ESC weight in the rear axle, effectively increasing the weight distribution over the rear wheels and thereby enhancing rear traction.
-The newly designed ATK V2 Front steering block is used with a new Ackermann setting that provides aggressive and flexible steering at the beginning of the turn and can handle larger drifting angles in the later stages of the turn capable of stable driving during high-angle drifting.
Implement the Quick Change Differential system concept from the real FD/D1 drift racing on the RC vehicle.
-Aluminum MRX Quick Change Differential systematic gearbox set.
-The newly designed ATK V2 Front steering block is used with a new Ackermann setting.
-TDA aluminum length adjustable shock absorbers.
-Aluminum motor mount.
-Aluminum upper deck adapter reinforced seat.
-Aluminum front & upper deck connecter.
-Front aluminum suspension arm mount ( -2 ) 2pcs.
-Rear aluminum adjustable suspension arm mount.
(+1.5 – +3.0 ) 2pcs.
-Aluminum wheel hubs.
-Lightweight carbon chassis is specially adjusted gravity at the front and rear chassis.
-Lightweight carbon front brace.
-Lightweight carbon front vertical upper deck.
-Carbon rear upper deck.
-Front carbon damper stay.
-Rear carbon damper stay.
-Lightweight quick-release battery holder.
-MB rear suspension set.
Differences Overview
-Upgraded Plastic Gears to More Impact-Resistant Material.
-Quick-change Differential System – 19T / 21T Pinion Gears Replaced with Steel Gears.
-Enhanced Differential Gear Set #210683 is Now Standard.
-Equipped with the New ATK V2 Steering Rack for Redefined Ackermann Settings
Improved Initial Steering Response for Precise Control
Enhanced Stability during High-Angle Drifting at Full Lock.
-Introduction of the Plastic ESC Rear Mount (Default Aggressive Mode).
-The Complete MRX Experience!
The MRX series offers exceptional stability and speed, combined with the convenience of a quick-change differential system.


Artikelnummer: 532209 MRX GT V1.5

Quelle: Robitronic und MST