Novarossi kommt zurück

Novarossi kommt zurück, so ist es von Massimo Rossi auf der Novarossi Seite bei Facebook zu lesen. Dies wäre eine Erleichterung für alle Fans dieser italienischen RC Rennschmiede von Motoren. Für 2024 wurden die Produkte angekündigt, in den Verkauf zu bringen.

Hier die Meldung auf der Facebookseite von Novarossi World:

Hello everyone, I am Rossi Massimo, the grandson of Ugo Rossi. Growing up within the Rossi company was a privilege. From a young age, I spent afternoons in the foundry, the mechanical workshop, or in the assembly room surrounded by the sounds of engines. This environment instilled in me a deep passion for the world of modeling. However, in 2015, Rossi had to close its doors, leaving a void in my heart and in my life. The news of Novarossi’s closure due to Covid has reignited in me the desire to preserve the brand and the company’s know-how. I have decided to undertake an ambitious project for the future: within a few years, we will be able to offer a competitive line of engines in the field of model making, as well as in the now niche markets of marine and planes. Our priority will be quality. All engines will be entirely produced in Italy, thus maintaining the legacy of excellence that has characterized the Novarossi and Rossi brands over the years. I expect to have the first engines ready for sale by mid-2024. I want to assure you that the Novarossi brand and its history will not fall into the hands of speculators or foreign investors, but will be ready to restart from their origins, from the passion that I inherited from my grandfather Ugo and his brother Cesare who, back in 1960, gave life to all of this. I would like to ask for your forgiveness if I have been contentious or insufficient in my previous posts. I am still young and when it comes to family matters, I easily lose clarity. I want to sincerely thank all the model enthusiasts, and I hope to see you soon on the track! Massimo Rossi

Quelle: Facebook Novarossi World
Quelle: Facebook Novarossi World


Quelle: Novarossi World