Halter für den Castle Cobra 8 ESC im Arrma 6S

Wer einen Arrma 6S hat und dazu noch einen Castle Cobra 8 ESC kaufen möchte, der bekommt von RPM diesen passenden Halter. Den solltet ihr euch ansehen.

Englische Version

ESC Cage for the Castle Cobra 8 ESC

Fits the ARRMA 6S line of vehicles – see “Tech Notes” below

#70712            ESC Cage for the Castle Cobra 8 ESC & ARRMA 6S Vehicles

Our ESC Cage for the Castle Cobra 8 ESC provides a solid, positive mount to keep your new and valuable ESC in place even under the most extreme circumstances. Check out this list of features built into each RPM ESC Cage:

  • Solid mount without using adhesives or zip-ties.
  • The ESC can be run with or without a fan.
  • Air channels along the sides allow air movement for better cooling.
  • Installation and maintenance simplification.
  • Easy swaps of the ESC between vehicles.
  • Integrated On / Off switch mount.
  • Rolled cage edge so no sharp edges come into contact with your motor wires.
  • Integrated stock Cable-Tidy Clip mount.
  • Manufactured from our ridiculously tough blend of engineering grade nylons.
  • Backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage.

Don’t trust your investment to double-sided tape or zip ties. One fail and your ESC will eject like a bullet from a gun! Trust a name you’ve known for decades for bulletproof protection – RPM!

Tech Notes: The RPM ESC Cage for the Cobra 8 ESC is designed to replace the stock ESC Mounting Plate ARRMA #AR320430 Our ESC Cage works with the following Castle part numbers: 010-0172-00, 010-0172-01, 010-0172-02, 010-0172-03 and 010-0172-04. While our ESC Cage will fit a variety of applications, they have been tested and guaranteed to fit the following ARRMA 6S vehicles in stock form only – Kraton, Mojave, Notorious, Talion, and Typhon that use the #AR320430 stock mounting plate. While the Fireteam uses the same stock mounting plate, space restrictions may prevent our ESC Cage from bolting to the chassis properly.

 Suggested Retail Price $13.95 ea.


Quelle: RPM und Hoeco