Halter für den Castle Cobra 8 ESC

Es gibt von RPM einen Halter für den Castle Cobra 8 ESC, der speziell für den Einbau in Traxxas Fahrzeugen gedacht ist. Dazu sind ggf. noch Teile nötig. Mit etwas Geschick, sollte der Halter, der den Regler gut schützt, auch in anderen Modellen passen.

Englische Version

#70282            ESC Cage for the Castle Cobra 8 ESC & Traxxas Vehicles

                        UPC #672415702826

Our ESC Cage for the Castle Cobra 8 ESC for Traxxas vehicles provides a solid, positive mount. A locked in mount keeps your new and valuable ESC in place even under the most extreme circumstances. It also allows the ESC to be run with or without a fan. It encases the ESC body only, leaving the entire ESC fan free to do its job.

The RPM ESC Cage for the Castle Cobra 8 ESC works with the Traxxas Sledge, Revo 2.0 and the Unlimited Desert Racer. Our ESC Cage fits in the stock location as well.

Each ESC Cage is designed to simplify ESC installation and upkeep of the vehicle. No more struggling with gooey double-sided tape to remove your aftermarket ESC during maintenance either. Transferring the electronics to another car also becomes a breeze.

Additionally, we include two separate On/Off switch mounts for more versatility in positioning the On/Off switch to your liking. The Base Plate also has two On/Off switch mounting locations, increasing its versatility even further.

Each RPM ESC Cage is manufactured from our ridiculously tough blend of engineering grade nylons and backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage. Don’t trust your investment to double-sided tape or zip ties. One fail and your ESC will eject like a bullet from a gun! Trust a name you’ve known for decades for bulletproof protection – RPM!

Tech Notes: The RPM ESC Cage for the Cobra 8 ESC is designed to fit in place of stock Traxxas VXL6S ESC’s #3485 and #3485T. Our ESC Cage works with the following Castle part numbers: 010-0172-00, 010-0172-01, 010-0172-02, 010-0172-03 and 010-0172-04. While our ESC Cage will fit a variety of applications, they have been tested and guaranteed to fit the following Traxxas vehicles in stock form only – Sledge, Revo 2.0 and the Unlimited Desert Racer.

 Suggested Retail Price: $13.95 ea.


Quelle: RPM und Hoeco