Xray XB8/XT8 Zahnräder für das Mitteldifferenzial

Von Team Xray gibt es verschiedene Zahnräder für das Mitteldifferenzial der XB8 bzw. den XT8. 

Anhand des Bildes könnt ihr einen Vergleich sehen, wo die Unterschiede liegen.

Englische Version

XB8 Center Differential Spur Gears
• Tight tolerance
• Perfect fit
• Additionally hardened
• Extra-long lifespan
• Individually machined, tested, and inspected
• Special HUDY steel
• Low wear
• Precision ground
Large external spur gears for center differential machined from special HUDY steel material which has been specially developed for gear-type products, additionally hardened and precision ground to fit the tightest tolerance requirements for perfect fit with the diff outdrives. The gears are individually machined on a precision German gear machine and every gear is individually tested, inspected, and run in. The diff gear is laser engraved with for quick & easy recognition.

Our special heat treatment makes the gear very hard and strong not only on the surface but also in the core, thus giving the gear an extraordinarily-long lifespan with very low wear comparing to standard gears.

#355056 Center Differential Spur Gear 46T
#355057 Center Differential Spur Gear 47T
#355058 Center Differential Spur Gear 48T
#355059 Center Differential Spur Gear 49T
#354950 Center Differential Spur Gear 50T

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Quelle: teamxray

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