Picco R1 Team DLC WC2017

Der R1 Team DLC-WC 2017 ist eine limitierte Auflage von Piccos – Onroad Motoren.

Entwickelt wurde dieser während der Tests für die diesjährige Weltmeisterschaft 2017.


• 7 Kanal + 2 Bypässe hartverchromte Laufgarnitur
• CNC gefräster Kolben
• neues Gehäusedesign
• DLC “Diamant“ beschichtete Kurbelwelle mit Silikon-Einsatz und Ausgleichsgewichten
• Passgenaues aerodynamisches “Messer“-Pleuel
• Seperater Turbo-Brennraumeinsatz mit Kühlrippen
• 14mm Schweizer Keramik Qualitäts-Hauptlager
• Kunststoff-Schiebevergaser mit 8mm und 9mm Venturi

Technische Daten:

• Hubraum: 3,49ccm
• Bohrung: 16,03mm
• Hub: 17,30mm

Englische Version

Picco Micromotori is proud to introduce the latest addition to their On-Road engine range, The R1 Team DLC WC2017.

The R1 Team DLC-WC 2017 is a limited edition of our top-of-the-range on-road engine. Developed throughout the tests held on the 2017 Worlds’ track, this version features a different cylinder with updated timing that increases the bottom power to better suit the challenging French circuit. The engine is easily distinguished by a new engraved cooling head, specially designed and dedicated to the event, that maintains the same quotes of the standard version to obtain a low centre of gravity.
As in the standard R1 Team version, the crankcase sports a designing concept that ensures more stable performances throughout a wider temperature range and thanks to its improved stiffness is immune to any loss of RPMs due to unwanted torsions. The WC-2017 also shares the same  double bottom-end adjustment carburettor for finer tuning and a better passage.
The crankshaft features the precious DLC coating that prevents any oxidation and any wear of the crankpin. Fitted with a ceramic ball bearing and a 7 port sleeve paired with a piston machined from high silicon material, this version represents the very best that modern technology can offer.

dedicated product page: http://www.teampicco.com/picco/index.php/engines/torque-onroad/r1-21-team-dlc-wc2017

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Quelle:  Shepherd Micro Racing und teampicco.com

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