XB4 und XT2 siegreich bei den Czech Nationals R2

In Horni Jeleni fand die zweite Runde der Tschechischen Meisterschaft 2019 statt.

Alles war gut vorbereitet für das Rennen, nur ein starker Regen am Samstagmorgen hat das Rennen ein wenig durcheinander gebracht. Es gab eine Verzögerung, aber die Strecke konnte voll fahrbereit gemacht werden. Die Ergebnisse lauteten:

4WD Buggy

  1. Götzl Max – XRAY XB4
  2. Bidovsky Ales
  3. Krizak David

Stadium Truck

  1. Götzl Max – XRAY XT2
  2. Hofman Jan
  3. Ertel Rafal

2WD Buggy

  1. Bidovsky Ales
  2. Götzl Max – XRAY XB2
  3. Binder Michal – XRAY XB2

Englische Version

Race Report by Max Gotzl
The 2nd round of 1/10 Czech Nationals 2019 took a place at the track in Horni Jeleni.
Everything was prepared well for the race, only a big rain on Saturday morning ruined it a bit. There was a delay, but we were able to get the track fully ready to race!
With 4WD it was me on the top of all 3 qualies, with fastest times and faster best laps every run! Ales took the 2nd place on the grid and David Krizak was 3rd.
I took an easy win with a huge gap in all three finals to take the overall win! The podium stayed as it was after qualies, with Ales 2nd and David 3rd.

4WD Buggy Results

  1. Gotzl Max – XRAY XB4
  2. Bidovsky Ales
  3. Krizak David

In the Truck category, I took the overall TQ followed by an easy win in A1 and A2 to secure the overall win! Than it was Jan Hofman who took 2nd on the grid and also in the end, and Rafal Ertel took the 3rd and 3rd also from qualies and finals.

Stadium Truck Results

  1. Gotzl Max – XRAY XT2
  2. Hofman Jan
  3. Ertel Rafal

With 2WD buggy, it was Ales Bidovsky who topped the first two qualies and secured the overall TQ, I took the Q3 with the fastest times of the days, but started 2nd on the Amain grid, Michal Binder was sitting 3rd.

Ales took the win in A1 as I made some small mistakes, but I came with the win in A2, as Ales made a lot of mistakes, so it was all to decide in A3. I was able to take the lead in the 2nd lap and hold it until the last one, but unfortunately made a mistake which cost me the win. So the podium stayed as it was after the qualies, as Michal took the 3rd.

2WD Buggy Results

  1. Bidovsky Ales
  2. Gotzl Max – XRAY XB2
  3. Binder Michal – XRAY XB2

All my three cars, XB2, XB4 and XT2 were working really good, especially the XB4, which was on fire!

Thanks a lot to all the sponsors, parents, but mainly everyone who helped us make the track reday to race again after the rain!

XRAY HUDY Hobbywing SRT EZpower Dubidesign DFcreative Retech

Quelle: XRAY

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