Nicolas Bregante / GTX8 ist Argentinian Meister

Nicolas Bregante konnte sich in Argentinien die nationale Meisterschaft in der Klasse GT 1/8 Nitro mit seinem Xray GTX8 sichern. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

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Race Report by Nicolas Bregante

I am happy to announce that with Team RcAmerica, Glcompetizione, Novarossi, CovinoDesing and MyLaps we are National Champions in GT 1/8 Nitro!

On a very hot day, Xray GTX8 behaved excellently from the beginning.  I took the TQ in the two rounds of qualifying and set track track record on that day.

In the final starting from the first position we had a challenging race where team strategies played the big role and we did the things very well!  I want to thank Gustavo Alberdi as a sponsor, as an assistant mechanic and psychologist and the help to Rodrigo Villanueva and in the pits to Omar Formisano for the tips!

1/8 GT Pro Results

  1. Nico Bregante – XRAY GTX8
  2. Beto Altesi
  3. Damian Martin

Also congratulations to the Master category winners – 1st and 2nd place for Xray with Marcos Palomar and Silvio Magrino!

1/8 GT Master Results
1. Marcos Palomar – XRAY GTX8
2. Silvio Magrino – XRAY GTX8
3. Cristian Manzzini

 As always thanks to RcAmerica Team for all the support!

See you next weekend at the last round of the National Off Road Championship in the city of Carlos Casares!

Quelle: teamxray

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