Es kommt in diesem Monat der neue Infinity IF18-2 mit ein paar Neuerungen vor allem an der Vorderachse.

Das erste Fahrzeug gewann 2017 die Weltmeisterschaft und ist sehr erfolgreich bei den Rennen rund um die Welt. Die hervorragende Heckstabilität bleibt unverändert und dieses Mal wurde der vordere Teil neu gestaltet. INFINITY Teamfahrer aus der ganzen Welt haben bei der Entwicklung geholfen und diese neue Geometrie über einen langen Zeitraum getestet.

Dabei wurden neue Materialien eingesetzt und die Teile neu designed.

Englische Version

Newly designed front section.

  • By splitting the front knuckle into upper and lower parts, three types of trails can be set + 1mm / 0mm / -1mm
    The position of the upper arm pivot has changed significantly from the previous model, offering more choice in steering characteristics.
    In addition, the section around the lower pivot has a split structure (by increasing or decreasing the lower spacer) that allows the roll center to be adjusted.
    The structure that looks like an inverted front knuckle expands the adjustment range of the geometry. It has a structure that allows you to easily change the camber angle on the spot even just before the race.
  • The upper and lower arms have a newly designed shape that is resistant to crashes. In addition, the rigidity can be adjusted by attaching a carbon plate (optional setting part) to the lower arm. The turnbuckle rod used for the lower arm is also made of high-strength steel. The lower arm pivot 7.8mm ball is hard anodized for smooth movement while maintaining excellent surface condition for long periods of time.
  • The upper and lower arm holders are also newly designed. Designed to be both lightweight in finish and still ensuring sufficient strength.
    6 types of mounting positions can be selected for the upper arm holder by exchanging bushes (3 types). The lower arm holder also offers an IN and OUT pin position by replacing the bushing.
  • Adopts a newly designed wide type front anti-roll bar. By lengthening the reach, the effect of the anti-roll bar is softened at the initial stage of suspension movement. While showing mild steering characteristics, the anti-roll bar becomes more effective later in the the corner. The 5.8mm anti-roll bar ball uses hard steel with a smaller boss. (Kit is front / 2.4mm, rear / 3.0mm. 2.7mm is also available as an option)

Various option parts are available.

  • Hard materials are available as an option for the front knuckle, upper & lower arm, and upper & lower arm holder. You can tune your car according to the track conditions and driver’s taste.
  • A carbon wheel plate which attaches to the front knuckle is also available for the IF18-2. With this plate its possible to achieve sharper steering in high speed corners.
  • To ensure you are covered for all driving conditions, the front anti-roll bar is available in steps of 0.1mm from 2.0mm to 3.0mm. (Kit standard is 2.4mm)
  • By switching to the optional aluminum knuckle base 13.5, the front roll center of the IF18-2 is set to the lowest setting, and offers the sharpest turn-in while reducing the chance of traction roll at the initial stage of cornering on a high grip track surface.
    (A dedicated 7.8 mm ball is prepared separately. It is recommended to use a 2.7-3.0 mm stabilizer together)

Quelle: CREATION MODEL LTD und  ToniSport-Logo-Black_web