Neuer NOSRAM N22 Motor

Die brandneuen NOSRAM N22 Elektro 1:10 Motoren sind ab sofort lieferbar. Im Moment sind die 4,5, 5,5, 6,5 und 7,5 Turn Versionen verfügbar.N22 ist das neueste Modell mit einem ultraleichten und präzisionsgefertigtes 7075-T6-Aluminiumgehäuse mit maximalen Aussparungen und zusätzlichen Öffnungen für mehr Kühlung und verbesserten Luftstrom. Das Gehäuse ist in „Stealth Black“ mit N22 Gravur.

Auf der technischen Seite ist nun eine genauere Timing-Einstellung mittels Einsätzen von 14,5 Grad bis 34,5 Grad möglich. Der Rotor ist in 4x10x4 ABEC-5 Lager gelagert. Der PreciSensor ist wasserdicht.

Die N22-Motoren sind demnächst von 3,5T bis 10,5T erhältlich.

Englische Version

The brand new NOSRAM N22 1:10 motors are available now and in stock. At the moment we have 4.5, 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5 available. Be among the first to have that motor in your shop.

N22 is the latest model of the worlds winning Pure series and NOSRAM’s new power source for 1:10 electric modified racing. Due to an ultra-lightweight and precision machined 7075-T6 aluminium housing with maximized cutouts and additional openings on the flat parts, the N22 features increased cooling surface and improved airflow, resulting in lower running temperatures even at maximum loads. In terms of color, the N22 comes with „stealth black“ anodizing and a unique N22 engraving – a perfect match for any car chassis.

On the technical side, a more precise timing setting is now possible, while the timing range has been precisely adjusted and optimized from 14.5 degrees to 34.5 degrees. The 2017 specification dual axis balanced sintered rotor with red balancing rings, now also features a longer mounting surface. The internals were updated all around for higher efficiency and vibration free operation, while smaller dual precision 4x10x4 ABEC-5 bearings provide very precise running and longevity. 2017 PCB board specification ensures even lower resistance, than the previous model. The unique waterproof PreciSensor assures precise operation with any speed control and offers additional advantage, when paired with NOSRAM ESC’s.

The N22 motors are available in odd and even terms from 3,5T to 10,5T.

Content : N22 Motor, 4 Rubber, Manual

Type:                       Brushless, sensored

Voltage:                   Input1S-2S LiPo

Winding:                  Star (Multistrand Copper Winding)

Diameter:                 35.9mm

Length:                    50.8mm

Weight:                   159-164g

Rotor Diameter:      12.5mm

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