Rob Janssen auf Platz 2 bei den Dutch Nationals Rd4 in Heemstede

Letztes Wochenende fand der vierte Lauf der Dutch Nationals auf der legendären Strecke von Heemstede statt. Team Magic’s holländische Fahrer und der Belgier Stefan Rommens nahmen an diesem Rennen teil.

Rob Janssen qualifizierte sich mit seinem Team Magic E4RS4 hinter John Bruins und vor Tjitte Miedema auf Platz zwei, während seine Teamkollegen Ronald Arts, Richard Arts 9th, Stefan Rommens 10th und Jari vd Wal 15 ebenfalls ein gutes Ergebnis lieferten.

Während der Finals behauptete Rob seine zweite Position hinter John und Max Hordijk komplettierte das Podium. Ronald wurde 7., Richard 9., Stefan 10. und Jari 15..

Englische Version

Last week-end was the fourth round of Dutch Nationals, at the mythic track of Heemstede.  Team Magic dutch drivers joined by Belgian Stefan Rommens participated this race.

Rob Janssen qualified his Team Magic E4RS4 on second place, behind John Bruins and in front of Tjitte Miedema, while his teammates made a good result too Ronald Arts 6th, Richard Arts 9th, Stefan Rommens 10th and Jari vd Wal 15th.

During the finals, Rob maintained his second position behind John, and Max Hordijk completed the podium. Ronald finished 7th, Richard 9th, Stefan 10th and Jari 15th.

Great result again for the team !

Original report from Rob Janssen:

Last weekend we had our fourth race of the Nationals series. This time at the MACH Heemstede, the worlds 2012 track. A very fast and wide open track. Normally not my type of track to perform well as I prefer smaller more technical track. With a lot of local drivers it should be a difficult weekend. For sure to compete with John Bruins, former B main modified driver at the 2012 worlds.

Practice on Saturday went very well as the grip on the track was good from the start. During the day it became a little hotter but the car seemed to stay ok.

Sunday morning in qualification I soon noticed John was doing some very good laps as he was in a heat before me. After 2 rounds I both finished 2nd, close behind John. In Q1 it was a difference of 2 seconds, in Q2 only 1 second. To secure 2nd spot on the grid I needed to drive Q3. John did sit out this one to save tires. 

In final 1 I had a very bad start as the track was very hot now and the car felt very difficult on the warm-up lap. The start was good as I stayed 2nd during the first few corners. But at the end of the straight the only technical part of the track the car became to go sideways and I couldn’t stop it from sliding. The 7th or 8th car did hit me very hard (my fault). For me now the race was over as even my battery went out of the car.

For final 2, I made some set-up changes to make the rear of the car a little more stable. This worked out good as the car felt great again. I was able to manage second position and finish behind John. In final 3, it was the same story. John a little too fast to catch and behind me a big gap to the rest of the field. So cruising to the finish line. At the end a second place on the podium and 2 good finals that do count for the Nationals Series which I’m currently sitting in first position.

Overall Results:
A – 1. John Bruins
A – 2. Rob Janssen – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 3. Max Hordijk
A – 4. Florian Joos
A – 5. Tjitte Miedema
A – 6. Steven Koiter
A – 7. Ronald Arts – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 8. Ivan Klaasen
A – 9. Richard Arts – Team Magic E4RS4
A – 10. Stefan Rommens – Team Magic E4RS4
B – 11. Giovanni Moguez
B – 12. Fokke Groen
B – 13. Pieter Beekman
B – 14. Patrick De Wit
B – 15. Jari Van De Wal – Team Magic E4RS4
B – 16. Dave Lunenburg
B – 17. Ingmar Heinz
B – 18. Pascal Van De Rijdt
B – 19. Joris Klaasen
B – 20. Mark Van Dreumel
C – 21. Max Florisson
C – 22. Michael Vd Berg
C – 23. Robert Wolf
C – 24. Justin Josemanders
C – 25. Anton Huijser
C – 26. Barry Josemanders
C – 27. Bert De Winter

Quelle: HRCDistribution

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