Theofanoudes siegt bei den Eneos Motor Oil Onroad GT Championship 2021

Einen Kampf um den Sieg im A- und B-Finale gab es auf dem RC Raceway beim Eneos Motor Oil Onroad GT Championship 2021 Round 2 zwischen den Marken Xray GTX8 und dem Hong Nor GTS. Diesmal hatte Xray die Nase mit Savvas Theofanoudes und Andreas Alkiviades vorn.

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Race report by Umut Turkay

TQ Rc Raceway was the host of the season round 2. After long lockdown period racers had the opportunity to enjoy GT racing one more time. The increasing number of racers directly had an impact on the competition level of the race.
Sunny, windy, and speedy might be the correct search words for the race. Track had been prepared well and facilities were ready to serve racers. Savvas Theofanoudes shined at the end of the race after a very tough competition with other racers. He drove his GTX8 consistent and fast that helped him to finish A Main in the first place. Also, Telis Ktenas succeed to finish at 3rd place at his first GT race with his Xray GTX. We also congratulate, Andreas Alkiviades, who won B-main with his Xray GTX car. We would like to thank you the supporters, racers, organizations, sponsors, and Hobby shops that supported this event. Without them, racing will be impossible.
See you all at the next race

A Main results:

  1. Savvas Theofanoudes – XRAY GTX8
  2. Pantelis Makridis – Hong Nor GTS
  3. Telis Ktenas – XRAY GTX8

B Main results:

  1.  Andreas Alkiviades – XRAY GTX8
  2. Themis Petrou – Hong Nor GTS
  3. Savvas Charalambous – Hong Nor GTS

Quelle:  teamxray